Running on the Treadmill
Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat
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Women Stretching Before A Run


When it comes to getting fit and staying fit, I've been around the block. I know what it's like to deal injuries that require surgery. I've had my lower back fused with titanium rods and I've had my ACL replaced. Each time I came back stronger than ever and currently coach at Ricardo Almeida Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy! I know what it's like to let myself go during(and after) my wife's pregnancy. I'm happy to say that I lost those 40 pounds, and have kept them off! The bottom line is that you'll be trained by somebody who knows what it's like to feel the anxiety of starting fresh with a whole new program. You can rest assured that my philosophy of Form first and Intensity second is incredibly safe, as well as effective!